• Mowing


    Regular mowing of your lawn is a good way of keeping your lawn looking great all year round.

    Avoid scalping as this can stress your lawn. A scalped lawn is prone to drying out quicker, and this can lead to pests and diseases taking advantage of the stressed/weakened plant.

    Mowing heights depend on the turf species. Couch lawns are mowed at a lower height between 20-25mm, whereas buffalo lawns are mowed between 30-40mm. Generally, no more than one 1/3 of the leaf should be removed in any one mowing.

  • Watering


    Once fully established, one deep watering per week in the warmer months is sufficient.

    Where an automatic irrigation system is installed, periodic checks of spray heads should be carried out to ensure all parts of the lawn are receiving an even watering.

  • Fertilising


    Fertilise using a complete lawn fertiliser 2 – 3 times a year, normally mid-spring, mid-summer and mid-autumn. Your local nursery/plant center will have the appropriate lawn fertiliser.

    Care must be taken when applying fertiliser. The correct amount should be applied as per directions, followed by a deep watering to ensure the fertiliser granules are fully dissolved – as leaving undissolved fertiliser on the leaves will result in burning of the plant’s leaves.

    Choose a cool overcast day to apply fertiliser to your lawn.

  • Topdressing


    If your lawn requires topdressing, then this should be carried out in the growing season between October and March.

    Your local landscape supply yard will have the correct top dress mixture for your lawn.

  • Weeds


    Keeping your lawn well maintained and healthy will help fight against weeds emerging – as a dense lawn will be able to block out the sunlight that is required for the weeds to germinate and grow.

    Weeds can be controlled with a selective herbicide that is suited to your lawn type. Selective herbicides for your lawn will be available at your local nursery/ plant centre. If you don’t know your lawn type/ variety, then a leaf sample shown at your local nursery/plant centre will help you identify your lawn type.

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